• RoboDynamics
    Luna Open Source Robot Branding
  • Kevin Murphy
    Live Event Video 2013
  • Robert Lobetta
    Behind the Scenes
  • Last Man Standing
    Network Launch campaign
  • Feherty
    Network pilots
    Brand creation and marketing
  • Brooks & Dunn
    ACM posters
  • Filmworks
    Logo and outdoor campaign
  • Forks Over Knives
    Logo and Print Assets
  • Fat March
    Prime time main title sequence
  • Into the Blue
    FX titles for television campaign
  • Nip/Tuck
    Logo and launch campaign
  • Seabiscuit
    End titles and FX sequences
  • Soarin over California
    Amusement park redesign
  • Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
    Network Special promo campaign
  • The Shield
    Special shoot promos
  • Academy Awards Memoriam
    In memoriam sequence
  • Joe Somebody
    Title sequence and interstitial shorts
  • Survivor DC
    Film short for White House Correspondents' Dinner
  • Pleasantville
    Main title sequence
  • Montecito Picture Company
    Theatrical logo sequence
  • Turner Classic Movies
    On-air graphics campaign
  • The Avengers
    Theatrical teaser trailer
  • George of the Jungle
    Live action theatrical trailer
  • Private Parts
    Main title sequence
  • Father’s Day
    Main title sequence
  • Space Jam
    Main title sequence
  • The Drew Carey Show
    Network promo launch campaign
  • The Santa Clause
    Theatrical trailer campaign
  • Camp Nowhere
    Live action theatrical trailer
  • NFL on Fox
    Capabilities film for NFL
  • The Ben Stiler Show
    Promo campaign
  • Home Improvement
    Main title sequence and interstitial animations
  • Martha Stewart Christmas Special
    Primetime network television show