We needed a name that represented a fast, fresh, disruptive company.

    A logo that reflected the indie arts scene...something that worked as either street art, web, or on the shelf.

    Packaging that didn't look like a clinical science project developed in a top secret bunker.

    Make it look like the basic art tools that they were. No tricky names. Simple and easy to understand.

    Create unique, eye popping, point of difference POS.

    Reinforce the lifestyle aspect of the brand with familiar looks from other sectors outside of hair.

    Remain true to arts origins while offering meaningful promotions.

    Salon leave behinds that embodied what we truly wanted to leave behind. Art.

    Materials that reflected all the lifestyle aspects of the brand as well as clear positioning of who we are and the audience we're after.

    There weren't any online hair artist communities..so we made one!

    A Hair+Culture site embracing the lifestyle of hair artists beyond hair with food, music, fashion,and photography.

    Now the Number 1 site in professional hair.
  • APP

    Realizing the power of social media via hair photo sharing we created the first App in this space.

    Stylists easily create and share portfolios.

    Consumers upload, browse and share hairstyles.

    We rely heavily on appealing to multiple senses..we did, however, abandon Smellivision.

    The Bangstyle videos are now known the world over for being stylish, funny, emotional, and at times just plain cool.

    One must entertain to inform.

    Unique Co-branded promotions.

    We were the first in the professional salon industry to create meaningful partnerships with like minded brands.

    Got a cool look and logo? Flaunt it.

    T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Art, and Accessories.

    Our bags sellout the moment we get em in and our Tattoos walk the floors of the largest hair expos.